written by
Norman Hart


 In a couple of months I’ll be heading back with my partner to the Caribbean’s twin islands of Antigua & Barbuda for the 5th time. “Why when you could go anywhere in the world would you keep going back to the same place” you might ask.  The reason is simple.. A feeling of warmth with the people, the sun on 365 beautiful beaches, the wild of the rain forest, and magnificent scenery, travellers won’t have to look hard to find the some peace or excitement or even an excursion of a lifetime. To list a few there’s Fishing chartering, Golf at one of the finest courses in the Caribbean, Catamaran Cruising the gentle waves of the Caribbean Sea or the picturesque getaway at Jolly Harbour. You might like to spend a day at Stingray City and swim with the rays……visit Nelson’s Dockyard where at 26 Lord Nelson was Captain of the Garrison for 3 years.

There’s the farm that produces black pineapples, A place known as Devils Gate that was used in the days of slavery. You can buy anything in the Market Street from 30 million year old petrified coral to polished seashells set in sterling silver. There’s also many general stores as well as several large supermarkets that cater to tourists as well as the 98,000 inhabitants.

There is no shortage of wonderful tasty restaurants, clubs and cafes throughout the island ..

The main airport has been upgraded recently to a world class facillity where Air Canada, British Airways, Virgin airline and other carriers are bringing people in from Asia, Europe and North America all who want to enjoy the island. In recent times the Cruise industry has really taken off and an extra pier has just been completed to accommodate 4 cruise ships at a time that can each carry up to 3,000 people…reserve early for best value…