dockside bar
written by
Norman Hart

On a recent trip to the Caribbean island of Antigua & Barbuda I was fortune enough to spend a month on Dockside Road in the 18th Century town called English Harbour with the worlds only working dockyard of the Georgian period called Nelson’s Dockyard after the most famous Royal Navy officer in British history. He served in Antigua between 1784 and 1787. The site is  a UNESCO World Heritage Site situated in the southern part of the island. 

We arrived at Antigua International Airport late at night and took a half hour taxi ride to our location situated at the other end of the island. After a couple of days we settled in exploring the area mostly on foot but for a couple of days by car. On visiting the dockside area we noticed the large amount of young men and women that were either working as crew on the massive amounts of huge luxury yachts or looking for jobs at sea… there are hundreds of very expensive international yachts moored in the harbour for months at a time waiting for the cruise charter season to begin which is usually about April. Many of the larger  boats costing in the millions.


Also there were the many tourists that would arrive on day trips from the St John’s cruise ships that arriving with thousands of people on board.. After a day or two we found the favourite watering hole of the crews on the dockside called Skullduggery and we were able to listen to live music, drink and mingle on many a starlit night. Most evenings whilst there a fishing boat would turn up at the dockside with fresh fish just caught in the Caribbean Sea.


Tourists would line up and take pictures locals would buy them after they were expertly filleted. The food was healthy with the island tastes with many being served from the curb-side by the locals…A must visit is to the local Shirley Heights a historical area perched high above English Harbour with its incredible views and sunsets. Another attraction is the not for the faint of heart Middle Ground Trail..or as I call it ‘Follow the White Dots’ trail from Fort Berkeley to Pigeon Beach. A great way to spend a couple of hours exercising the leg muscles…and taking in the breath taking views. I’m looking forward to visiting again soon, you should think about visiting also.….