The impact of Caribbean anti-vax protests

It’s happening in countries all over the world. There are large percentages of national populations that are resisting taking the COVID-19 vaccine, regardless of supplier. The Caribbean hasn’t been immune to this and it has made even Antiguans, some of the more placid people in the Caribbean, take to the streets in protest of increasingly widespread requirements for full vaccination. Across the region, including Barbados,  St. Vincent and Grenada, there has been resistance against taking the coronavirus vaccine.

Help For Haiti

Pierspective Entraide Humanitaire is a registered Canadian charity, formed in 2002 by Dr. Eric Pierre and members of the Haitian community. Our mission is to assist the less fortunate particularly the young and elderly.  


Antigua Cruise Port announced in a press statement this week that the construction of its fifth berth, the newest pier at St John’s Port, Antigua is completed. According to the statement, the $30 million investment was started before the pandemic and finalized in November 2020, despite “minimal interruption created by the unwelcome virus.”

Carifesta around the corner.The main purpose is to gather artists, musicians, authors, and to exhibit the folkloric from Caribbean and Latin American region

CARIFESTA  is expected to be held in Antigua and Barbuda in August 11-21-2022 under the theme ‘One Caribbean. One Environment. Diverse Cultures’. 
The main purpose is to gather artists, musicians, authors, and to exhibit the folkloric from Caribbean and Latin American region

The diaspora began as early as 1950 when England put out a call to action for Antiguans among other Caribbean islands for labourers due to the shortage of workforce. 


The ferry service provided by Island Escape for Antigua and Barbuda will no longer be available.The luxury 150 passenger fast ferry which debuted in Antigua in November of 2019 under a “fully founded” charter to PLH Ltd. (Barbuda Ocean Club) has met its contractual obligations and will depart next week for the BVI to service the route between St. Thomas and Tortola with the return of the cruise ships. According to the owner of the ferry, Mark Rosandich “the decision to leave Antigua was a difficult one”.

Why we keep asking the same questions of each Olympic cycle, Every four years, the Antiguan and Barbudan public asks the same questions of the athletes competing at the Summer Olympics. Why aren’t we in the finals and semi-finals?

This Olympic year, Antigua and Barbuda put forth six athletes to compete at the Tokyo Olympics. From athletics, Cejhae Greene and Joella Lloyd; for swimming Stefano Mitchell and Samantha Roberts; from boxing Alston Ryan and in sailing Jalese Gordon. Of the six, Green and Ryan made official qualifying standards. The remaining four were given places through the universality system that allows developing nations to send their best athletes to the Games without making official qualifying standards.


Great news for Antigua and Barbuda as British Airways after 30 years of serving the island has officially relaunched its service from London Heathrow Airport departing six days a week from April to October. The carrier’s resumption comes as Antigua and Barbuda is included on the UK’s Green List of travel destinations. “The demand for holidays to Antigua and Barbuda has been immense, particularly with our inclusion on the UK’s Green List.

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