19 year old T’Quan James is from the small village of Newfield, which is close to the capitol St John's in Antigua. He is one of the excellent teachers at the The National Sailing Academy of Antigua based in English Harbour which was founded in 2010 by Elizabeth Jordan who's mission is to change the lives of children and differently-abled children and adults by introducing them to sailing not just as a sport or leisure option but also as a career. The lessons are offered free as part of the national curriculum.

Guava De Art.          

Born and raised in Antigua and Barbuda Guava De Art is located in Redcliffe Quay. As a child his mother would always give him guavas to take to school. Eventually one of his peers nicknamed him Guava Man, and the name stuck with him ever since.

The Best Traditional Food to Eat in Antigua   

Here’s what is considered to be the most popular traditional dishes that Antigua and Barbuda has to offer. Bun and cheese is a popular breakfast. The highlight of this dish is the Antigua raisin bun, which is spliced open, buttered, and eaten with sliced cheese: hence the name Bun and cheese. Bun and cheese can also be eaten as a snack throughout the day. This dish is also eaten all year-round, unlike in some of the other Caribbean countries where people only make buns for Easter. Salt-fish (usually cod preserved with salt) is a staple in many pantries.


One of the many great restaurants to eat at whilst visiting the Caribbean island of Antigua is the 30 year old family run business called ZELMA’S KITCHEN situated in English Harbour which is located at the southern tip of the island overlooking the Caribbean Sea. Sitting on the shores of Falmouth Harbour on Dockland Drive is ZELMA'S Kitchen. This beautifully located, reasonably priced restaurant was started by a lady named Zelma after she retired from working many years.

Trust BHProductions- The Movie

In the dynamic landscape of cinematic art achieving milestones is a remarkable testament to dedication, innovation and resilience. One such remarkable journey stands out as the film ‘Trust’ from BHProduction from its humble beginning to extraordinary triumphs serves as an inspiration to all.


Here it is January 2024 where most places in the world are shivering in rain, the cold and snow. In the Caribbean island of Antigua & Barbuda it’s 365 beaches are sunny and hot with the island getting ready for its annual migration of wealthy people from around the world not only to visit the island by plane or one of the huge cruise ships that arrive daily through St John’s the capitol but also to English Harbour the Unesco World Heritage Site that houses since the 17th Century the famous Nelson’s Dockyard the old stomping grounds of Horatio Nelson.


One of the most popular landmarks that can’t be missed in Antigua is the St. John’s Cathedral. First built in 1681 it was a wooden structure that was destroyed by earthquake in 1745 and later again in 1746 and then rebuilt out of English bricks. The present cathedral with its imposing white twin towers was built on fossilized reef in 1845. The planters called the Cathedral ‘Big Church’ and that it frightened as a symbol of English power. 


Recently whilst visiting Antigua & Barbuda I visited one of many casinos scattered mainly around St Johns the capitol.  Whilst there I was told that the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the United States are fighting over a 20 year gambling dispute that stated when Antigua and Barbuda developed an internet gambling industry to replace declining tourism revenues it found itself shut out of the world’s largest gambling market.

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