written by
Norman Hart
Travel - Photos by Norman Hart


More than 65 Caribbean Cruise Ships are expected to arrive in December 2021 and dock at the much improved Antigua cruise port which was reopened last October 2021.

The occasion was very special as the completion of the 5th berth allows the capacity to now receive more vessels in port. There was five ships berthed at the opening which made a captivating sight…

Many of the ships each have 2,000 to 4,000 passengers so things can get busy very quickly. Hundreds of taxi drivers gather at the entrance to the shopping area to offer trips to the various attractions around the island..There are hotels, casinos, shops and great restaurants to greet the passengers.

Recognizing that we’re still within an active pandemic the port continues to work closely with the ministry of Health & Wellness to ensure safety to guests, service providers and residents. 2022 is set to be very promising with over 200 bookings so far.

Upgrades to the Heritage Quay Shopping Centre have started with health and safety fixes while works on the upland development is expected to start by middle 2022. This development is expected to increase the retail, food, and beverage footprint of the Cruise Port while increasing the entertainment offerings in the area..