Pasted Graphic
written by
Norman Hart
Phots by Pasted Graphic

I noticed on a recent trip to Antigua & Barbuda that not only does the Island have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world but also It has in the south of the island a deep and beautiful Rain Forest full of wondrous vegetation to explore. I’ve driven through the forest on a couple of occasions from English Harbour to St.Johns along Fig Tree Drive and saw that there were several attractions geared to adventure that includes a canopy eco-tour through the lush trees, plants, and fruits, another way to get a birds eye view is to fly on a zip line that’s threaded through the forest.

There’s a series of zip lines and suspension bridges connecting to give a wonderful opportunity to have a birds eye view of all the flora, fauna and numerous bird species that are found in the forest. My favourite way is to drive through it on the paved winding road (as long as you avoid the potholes) on the way passing mango, banana, and other fruits for miles. A must visit when on the Island.