Neil Forrester
written by
Norman Hart

The ferry service provided by Island Escape for Antigua and Barbuda will no longer be available.The luxury 150 passenger fast ferry which debuted in Antigua in November of 2019 under a “fully founded” charter to PLH Ltd. (Barbuda Ocean Club) has met its contractual obligations and will depart next week for the BVI to service the route between St. Thomas and Tortola with the return of the cruise ships. According to the owner of the ferry, Mark Rosandich “the decision to leave Antigua was a difficult one”. He said in a press statement that the water-bridge between Antigua and Barbuda must be upgraded to see Barbuda reach its full potential as a tourist destination, however its time has not come just yet.

He also said that without the PLH charter subsidy the current market without duty free fuel and importation of supplies and spares parts makes it economically impossible to support a ferry the size, speed and nature of the “Island Escape” or any other which may follow in its footpath.“With this notice the owner, the upland staff and especially the crew of the Island Escape wishes to thank PLH for the opportunity, the Prime Minister, the Barbuda Council and especially the people of A&B who have supported and ridden with us during our tenure”, the statement read.   

photo by Neil Forrester