written by
Norman Hart

Canadians Reaching  out to Antigua Youth

Article Photos and videos by Norman Hart

As a photographer & filmmaker I and my partner were invited to the Island of Antigua & Barbuda in 2018 to participate in Education week bringing to the Island. This is an annual event held by The Ministry of Education over one week with workshops for teachers, food fairs arts and culture and a sports day..We screened several documentaries and feature films to over 600 school children during their Annual Education Week. The films dealt with the environment, family, at risk youth, gang violence physically challenged and comedy.

With us on this visit was ex gang member turned motivational speaker Latoya Rodney from one of Canada’s most notoriously violent neighbourhood known as Jane & Finch corridor.. Her film ‘Creature’‘is the ferocious and angry former gang leader from one of Canada’s most violent neighborhoods. This is a life of daily struggle to bring ‘Creature’ under control played out in her ongoing inner conflict between good and evil. She addressed an at risk group of young teens in a workshop setting on her experience moving around  in a world where her friend’s and family were being murdered around her while believing the gangs were her friends. She urged these youth to reject this dangerous lifestyle where no one is truly your friend.

As was an elder from the ministry telling the many gathered at the opening ceremony of Education Week urging youth to raise their level of consciousness, find a purpose, get responsible, be reliable, and respectful and try to grow old and be wise.

Videos of education week by Norman Hart on location