written by
Norman Hart

19 year old T’Quan James is from the small village of Newfield, which is close to the capitol St John's in Antigua. He is one of the excellent teachers at the The National Sailing Academy of Antigua based in English Harbour which was founded in 2010 by Elizabeth Jordan who's mission is to change the lives of children and differently-abled children and adults by introducing them to sailing not just as a sport or leisure option but also as a career. The lessons are offered free as part of the national curriculum. Private and group lessons and equipment rentals are available on a paid basis.  


T’Quan (who is an only child) started sailing in 2016 and has been working at the Academy for a year teaching sailing that has been helping children with problem solving by engaging the brain and helping them be themselves. On completion of the children’s internationally recognized sailing courses they receive a certificate and log book.   

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T'Quan was recently chosen to fly to Canada and teach throughout the Summer at the famous Kingston Academy of Sailing where he will be teaching children there with his vast knowledge of swimming and sailing. We wish him good luck for now and the future.