gauva boy
written by
Norman Hart

Born and raised in Antigua and Barbuda Guava De Art is located in Redcliffe Quay. As a child his mother would always give him guavas to take to school. Eventually one of his peers nicknamed him Guava Man, and the name stuck with him ever since. He is a self taught artist who is versatile in different avenues of art such as illustration, painting, sculpting, 3D modelling, art toy creator, and digital drawings/animation. So far his work has made its way around the world to countries such as USA, UK, Japan and Canada. His unique style of art was developed over time through practice, experimentation and experience.  


When he was younger he studied in Canada and received a post diploma in Television and Video Production. He said at the time that art was just an outlet, a means of expressing himself without words. He began professionally painting in 2007 and after a few years in the work world he decided to take on the challenge of entrepreneurship, so he opened his Art Gallery firstly in his moms house and later in Redcliffe Quay.


Today he is a great inspiration to young and old to follow their passion and just do it….Guava De Art and his amazing work can be found on various platforms including at his gallery, on Facebook and Instagram,     

gauava billboard