written by
Norman Hart

One of the many great restaurants to eat at whilst visiting the Caribbean island of Antigua is the 30 year old family run business called ZELMA’S KITCHEN situated in English Harbour which is located at the southern tip of the island overlooking the Caribbean Sea. Sitting on the shores of Falmouth Harbour on Dockland Drive is ZELMA'S Kitchen. This beautifully located, reasonably priced restaurant was started by a lady named Zelma after she retired from working many years.


Helping her cook is her niece Jessica, a cousin, and a family friend. The menu includes Fungi, Burgers, Jerk Chicken, Salt fish, rice, wings, and many other delicious barbecue meals. All the ingredients are locally bought or caught in and around the island especially at the famous St John’s fish market where local fishermen sell right from the docks.. The atmosphere is warm and inviting serving their patrons haute cusine on a outdoor patio with a million dollar view that on any given day you will see eels and other fishes  among a vista of yachts from around the world.

fish fry

Also on the menu are locally made frozen drinks including rum punch, sorrel, coconut, lemon, lime and on the really hot days you might want a Wadadli beer with its sweet, light flavour that will likely win you over.….Zelma’s Kitchen has a five star rating and is one place you just have to visit for the best meal and drinks on the island….     

Zelmas see view