Ladies and Gentlemen founder of COMMFFEST

  • Posted on: 21 September 2021
  • By: Antigua Barbuda...
written by: 
Norman Hart

We’re now entering the annual Film Festival Season with the big kick off featuring Toronto’s International Film Festival TIFF, a world class festival followed by several lesser but just as important that includes 16 year old COMMFFEST  a forerunner to the 100’s that now screen every year in and around Toronto.
The founder of commffest is Sandie DeFreitas born on the island of Antigua & Barbuda but living in Ontario Canada for most of her life. Because of her working experience in the film distribution service she decided in 2005 to create a charitable organization to provide a platform for any filmmaker here and abroad to tell their social and cultural stories.
Many years ago Sandie had a vision of helping make the world better understand itself through the medium of Film. Art and Music… it hasn’t been an easy journey but through her tenacity and fortitude Commffest has become a leading global  platform for many national and international artists to tell their stories, sing their songs and paint their hearts out enabling the world to be further enlightened. Due in part to the exposure many of commffest’s participants have gone on to greater success..
Over the years Sandie has developed a commffest presence in her homeland and was recently amongst the first ladies to be presented the prestigious ‘Women In Film’ award for her contribution to the development of film in Antigua & Barbuda, including films, workshops and seminars…she was also recently awarded a medal of honour from the National Ethnic Press & Media Council Of Canada for outstanding work and excellent creativity. This inspires her to keep improving commffest’s presentation.
Sandie recently wrote and directed her first feature film which will be premiered at this years festival. Due to Covid 19 a rapid change is happening in the presentation of festivals. Many are turning to the internet and having live online screenings..fewer are having in theatre experiences…for the updated commffest experience go to