At the present there are many Casinos in Antigua & Barbuda. Including Kings, The Boardwalk, Ascot’s Arcade, Paradise, Casino Royale, Granda Bay, and Joe Mikes Hotel Restaurant Casino. Gambling is entirely legal in this island nation and since 1994 is one of the biggest online (internet) providers in the world. Since 1988 the KING’S CASINO has been the most popular and is located on the seashore, not far from the parking lot of cruise liners.

Antigua and Barbuda’s sustainable status under threat by Chinese investment group

By Christal Clashing

In the face of being awarded a sustainability award by Lonely Planet, both environmental and cultural sustainability In Antigua and Barbuda is under threat by the Chinese development by the YIDA Group.

About the Lonely Planet Award

ToMeeks Retail Outlet

ToMeeks Retail Outlet

Business owner: Tomeka Cole Product/service: Retail

“[Begun] initially as a mobile business widely accessible to customers. Located in Tyrell’s Village, it is now one of the few retail outlets within the St. Paul’s constituency which operates from a physical location… One of the main goals is to ensure we provide our customers with quality product lines which are budget-friendly considering the current economic crisis.”

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